"My name is Jared Kahn and I am a photographer based in Los Angeles. I started my studio Jared Kahn Photography to capture the special and unique moments in your life so you can remember them forever.

I am passionate about photography and videography that captures the essence of people experiencing their greatest joys in life.

My entire process prioritizes a personalized and boutique experience so every client's need is met.

"Life is full of memorable moments...Let's make them last a lifetime."
Please reach out if you have any questions, inquiries, or a special project coming up. I will be happy to work with you.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple- To provide an incredible client experience from beginning to end while matching our clients' artistic vision.

Every wedding and event is unique, and we will make it our priority to understand what it is you want and need.
Our team is comprised of trained professionals to make the process and experience unforgettable.

Your Experience

Creativity, Uniqueness, and Vision

It is my passion to capture your story in a way that is creative and beautiful. Every moment is unique, possessing has its own energy , intimacy, and affection.

To tell your story, I will make sure I understand your vision, so I can translate the experience in a way that is beautiful and important to you.

Once I understand what is important to you, I will combine my expertise in lighting, composition, posing, and advanced editing techniques to create images of moments that matter the most.

Passion & Professionalism

Every since picking up a camera, it has become an obsession of mine to give life meaning through moving and still images. 

Coming from a background in film making has given me the experience and discipline to be creative, quick and responsive to the demands of a shoot. That is why I have a process that transparent from start to finish.

Leading up to your wedding day or event, you’ll always know what to expect and where things stand. On the day, I’ll organize your family for formal portraits without hesitancy – all while maintaining a calm demeanor. And I’ll crack jokes to help you let loose, smile, and have fun.

Guidance & Comfort

My job as a photographer is to do more than take beautiful photos. It's to help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. 

To help you feel more confident, I'll coach you through exactly what you need so you can feel good and look natural for all of your photos. But if you're feeling uneasy or awkward - that's okay, because that is when your true expressions and quirks shine through.

With my expert guidance, I will help you feel comfortable and, eventually, let your guard down. This way we can capture beautiful photos that will, inevitably become the portraits you hang in your home.

Have any further inquiries?

Give us some more information about your event and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Let's create memories that last forever!

Los Angeles